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So this week I decided that I need to lose weight, but in my stomach region. I am starting to watch my sugar intake which is not all that bad, but I did a lot of damage on Super Bowl Sunday. Although I wasn’t counting then, I feel like it still counts. Yes, I know it sounds silly. The day I started to watch everything was of course my first day and I consumed nothing but vegetables. I made roasted carrots and sautéed zucchini and yellow squash. I was pretty content, but it was the second day that drove me completely in sane. I wanted a burger, fries, and a milkshake, so unfortunately i did just that. Now I did managed to go to a healthier burger joint with grass burgers and fresh cut fries. I’m not sure if this makes the scenario any better, but I did how ever enjoy it. I felt like i deserved it after a long hard week of work and other issues lol… I ended up not consuming a milkshake though I think that would have taken me over board.

Sometimes I do questioned myself, I’m I ready to do this or I’m I just feeling in the moment to loose the stomach weight. I’m not in bad shape, but I just want to loose a few pounds. But then I’m thinking I better do it now since spring or summer haven’t arrived yet. I am conscious of what I put into my mouth, but sometimes it can be struggle after the holidays. Enough about my stomach weight, lets talk about burning some carbs.

Peeps Dancing!

In the evening hours of the night me and my friends went out to dance. Now this trip wasn’t orally planned, but I was feeling like we should go out some where after dinner. So dancing sounded like a great idea especially after we had a few drinks, of course damn bread, and french fries. We all definitely burned some serious calories last night having fun dancing for about a couple of hours. The night was fun, electric, and epic. I really haven’t fun like this in a very long time and it was much needed. I don’t have to say much the pictures will speak for themselves. This is a moment that I will never forget a moment to just goof around be silly. I think one of the most important things is to always remember to keep moving even it’s just walking. You don’t always have to document every moment you make if you are in the process of loosing weight. Sometimes tracking every little thing can be exhausting. Trust me the struggle is real, even if you are a conscious consumer like me we are all human, so don’t beat yourself up. There is no-one that is perfect, but what’s really important is to keep life interesting. YOLO!



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