So Sick of TRUMP!

Let's Talk / Saturday, February 3rd, 2018


Unfortunately, we are all still bleeding from the stupid guy in the white house and yes i said stupid. I just can’t believe there are so many people that think there is nothing wrong with this guy seating in the highest position of America. Yes, I still have respect for the office, but i don’t have respect for him at all. There are just to many reasons why i think he is still unfit of the job.

First, he doesn’t the struggle of what most Americans have to go through and he will never know because he is apart of the privileged 1%. No matter how many times he says he can relate, he is lying out of his diabolical mouth. Although i will give him this, he knows the art of convincing people that will just fall for anything. There are numerous citizens that feel he can do no wrong. All the while he or others of his adminstation is deleting data from governmental agencies such as EPA. We need the damn EPA in place and working at its full potential because they save us from environmental disasters that could affect our health, ecosystem, and quality of life. The EPA is the one agency we can rely on to fight companies that don’t care what happens to the environment, but not anymore because this silly man in office wants to defund the EPA. He thinks agencies such as the EPA is sabotaging job creation, which is not true.

Automation is talking jobs and will take more jobs in the future, but other jobs are being created in the process, but will require training and possibly more education. But the question is when has America been the same for years. We are always changing things and moving forwarded into the future. Trumps base are just wanting to time to clock backwards to a time when it was ruled by White America solely. Sorry sir that time has long past and it’s a new America. You can tell just looking into his eyes that he hates the change and wants to try to stir his 1950s era back into time and we are not having that shit. Yes, you so called won this past election, or did you not according to reports. I’m sure the truth will reveal itself at some point in time.

Let me give you a word of advice, since you are the so called man in the white house, you need to start acting like it. Which requirements being the supporter of all people and not just a few of your 1% buddies. This country was built for everyone and not just the rich and famous. People come here we dreams and opportunity, so if immigrants are coming here and doing what they are supposed to do to achieve a good life and not harming anyone, let them be. Welcome them with open arms and stop being a Debby downer. But, all in all i am so sick of your politics and your so called speeches about “Making America Great Again!” America was already great we just ended up with you and I’m sure many citizens are counting the days till you are out of the office for good.

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